What the Cobray C-3 has to offer:

Ease and cost of construction is a major reason to choose the Cobray-C3. The track and time proven chassis design of Corvette is used in our true single donor build concept. Three decades of refinements have earned a legendary status and more than a half million cars produced from 1968 to 1982 makes the non-collector years very affordable. Using a factory engineered and manufactured chassis ensures ease of assembly and helps control costs.  The number of aftermarket companies fighting for your restoration dollar keeps the costs very reasonable. The quality of factory service procedures and aftermarket service manuals makes the Cobray-C3 the world’s best-documented kit. All kits include a Build manual and a Corvette Service manual that walk you through each step of our build.
Using a completed body assembly for your build simply requires you to bolt the body to your donor chassis using factory located mount locations. The floor and body are bonded in factory jigs to control tolerances, eliminate heat transfer, and increase strength.  All body and kit items are hand laid and held to the highest quality standards using Vinylester resins and structural components.
Engines options include the GM small bock or big blocks with no modifications. Ford engines require adapter plates but the engine bay accepts all Ford engines. Hooker offers factory side exhaust systems for the GM engines. Ford engines will require a custom exhaust and other modifications.  Ford builds are the exception for Cobray but do turn out very nice
The only true American made sports car that gives you over 50 years of continuous factory engineering and refinements.  True four-wheel independent suspension, four piston disc brakes on all four wheels combined with a low center of gravity and its low sprung weight distributed over a 98-inch wheelbase and a 59-inch track width with is unbeatable. Other kits use their custom chassis with borrowed suspension from different makes; models and years are limited by their 90 inch wheelbase The 90-inch wheelbase does allow a closer replication to the Cobra of the 60’s but also limits the technology available to that of the 60’s.  We are not manufacturing a replica but a stand alone concept with the sexy body lines and allure they offer.

Cobray-C3 has the largest cockpit in the industry. This is only made possible using a longer and wider chassis. The same reasons we cannot classify ourselves as a true Cobra replica prove we have the largest and most comfortable cockpit of any Cobra inspired manufacturer. Others come close but we are the hands down leader for comfort only made possible using a 98-inch by 59-inch chassis. Having the largest cockpit is a fact we must defend frequently but a measuring tape stops this debate.