Chassis Restoration Common Items

Every build becomes a part of the builder but there are common parts needed to restore the chassis.  You must first identify your desired performance level as your options are endless.  Cobras N Vettes offers its customers a rebuilt exchange program for literally every chassis component. CNV also offers kit part numbers designed for you to rebuild/modify each sub component. We have created the list below as an average starting point. The low to high price range of options are listed below.

• Engine, Stock or Performance –  $1,189.00 to $2,765.00 - The universal ‘350 is a brand new GM long block used to cover most applications from ‘1970-1985 and will produce up to 260hp and 350 foot pounds of torque with a four-barrel carburetor and headers.  Or choose great racing power at a reasonable cost (350 HP at 5000 RPM _ torque 390 @ 4000 RPM).  This is a factory sealed crate engine package for $2,765.00
• Transmission - $350.00 to $425.00– Total rebuild of automatic 350 or 400. A manual 4 or 5 speed with clutch etc. will run about $425.00 for an average rebuild.
• Rear differential - $250.00 to $300.00– Replace seals, clutch pack and gaskets.  Changing gears would increase cost by a minimum of $300.00.
• Suspension, complete racing package - $1000.00 to $1895.00 – This includes every suspension part on the chassis in a completely adjustable racing or performance package with all bushings, springs, shocks, ball-joints etc. at $1895.00.  Stock replacement package would be only about half the price listed.
• Interior - $750.00 to $1500.00 – This includes pricing from average shop to purchase and install all upholstery, seats, door panels and carpet.  This is a wide range depending on desired look and quality.
• Paint - $1,500.00 to $3,000.00 – This is very difficult to estimate as it could be as little as $350.00 in materials for the do it your self job or 20 plus times that amount at an exclusive shop.
• Miscellaneous - $2,000.00 to $3,000.00 – This is for gauges, wiring kit, battery, hoses, engine accessories, fuel cell and many other small items.
• Frame coating - $350.00 - Sandblast and powder coat frame, ½ shafts, drive shafts and all chassis items.
• Hooker side exhaust - $720.00 to $1,190.00 for chrome big block system
• 12-circuit wiring kit - $265.00 to $489.00 – A Painless GM coded kit or a custom fully terminated Cobray kit.
Average Corvette donor purchase price $1,500.00

This price will be reduced by sale of parts not needed for the Cobray-C3.
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